high density dry ice


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What standard of cleanliness is achieved?
Our equipment gives you the ability to remove all defective coatings and corrosion. As a new application, there is no cleanliness standard that exists for dry ice blasting. Our customers and coating companies generally use water jetting standards, comparing the finish to WJ-2 or WJ-3. Coating companies have provided warranties on this basis.
What if the original profile has been destroyed by corrosion?
During extended field tests, research has shown that removing heavy corrosion using HICO2 Blasting generally exposes a surface profile of 60-100 microns. This is due to the non-uniform nature of corrosion, which can often leave a higher-amplitude profile than what was present beforehand.
How noisy is it?
In-house testing by qualified personnel has shown noise levels to be in the range of 100 – 120dB. Double hearing protection should be worn within 20m of operations and single hearing protection within 100m.
What profile is achieved?
As HICO2 Blasting is a non-abrasive process, it does not impact a new profile to the substrate. Rather, it exposes the existing profile that is present underneath the coating.
What Coating Systems work best with HICO2 preparation?
Any of the leading surface tolerant coating systems performs extremely well. We advise customers to consider the preparation as similar to that of UHP water jetting.
Does HICO2 Blasting remove surface salts?
Yes, this has been verified during frequent field trials and testing. No water wash before or after is required.