mobile dry ice production


Fully integrated On-site Dry Ice Production and Blasting

dry ice production

Production System

  • DNV Certified 10ft container, 4.5t
  • Safe Area or Zone 2
  • Electrical - 380-420v, 50Hz, 32 Amp
dry ice blasting

Blasting Machines

  • ATEX Rated, Zone 1
  • All air hose tested and certified
  • Blast Machine does not hold pressure
  • Air requirements - 10-15 bar, 320 CFM per machine
  • 18m max recommended blast hose distance
on site dry ice production

Cryogenic Storage Tank

  • DNV Certified 10ft container, 14t gross
  • Full tested and certified
  • PRV at every point of potential entrapment
  • Single open/close valve during operation
  • 11 days' worth of CO2 per blaster

The Technical Specifications

high density dry ice
dry ice blasting