mobile dry ice production


A safe solution for your operators

Minimise health and waste impacts.

dry ice global

No exposure to blast media dust or chemicals

The technology is solvent and chemical-free, and minimises, or in some cases eliminates, risk of breathable dust.

dry ice blasting

Zero Media Waste

Our solution does not generate any hazardous waste to be disposed of.

offshore dry ice blasting

A reduced carbon foot-print

The CO2 used in the process is captured from by-product sources from the manufacturing industry. Media transportation is limited to residual waste.

Reduce costs.

dry ice production

Less Downtime

Cleaning and blasting can be carried out while operations are live.

offshore dry ice production

Direct Savings

Compared to traditional means, our technology generates direct cost savings in set up, clean up, transportation and waste disposal.

Improve efficiency.

high density dry ice

A quicker process for more runtime

With minimal disassembly, no drying time, reduced encapsulation and waste disposal, the overall process time is optimised.

mobile dry ice production

Live Operations

Our technology can be used during live operations with no damage to electrical components or rotating machinery.

dry ice global

A Non-abrasive Technology

Our technology is non-abrasive and does not reduce metal wall thickness.