offshore dry ice blasting

High Performance Dry Ice Blasting

Minimise Waste, Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

Our Solution

Dry Ice Global, an Air Liquide Company - rental of high intensity dry ice blasting and high density on site production systems.

Dry Ice Global is specialised in the rental of high-performance dry-ice production and blasting equipment. The fully integrated solution has been designed specifically for surface preparation and fabric maintenance purposes in the Oil and Gas industry, and similar applications. Dry Ice Global delivers proprietary technology in the form of on-site and offshore dry ice production systems for high-performance applications.

Where You Are

The dry ice pellets are produced onsite without any constraints on your supply-chain.

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Where You Need To Be

The technology achieves a surface preparation quality approved by major coating suppliers.

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We Are Here Too

Dry Ice Global is supported by Air Liquide’s international presence in key basins, operating in 90% of offshore supply bases and with direct access to 80 CO2 plants in 40 countries.

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